Friday, 27 May 2011

Flying over Bath

Today....flying AND singing :-)   Had a great lesson for over an hour and a quarter...we flew south from Gloucester to my home town of Bath and bumbled around over The Royal Crescent, The Circus, the Abbey...and my house!  It's amazing how you can just mosey about in a can go pretty low and fiddle faddle about to your heart's content - I suppose as long as you don't bump into anything (or fly into someone else's airspace) then no one gives a hoot.

I had to talk on the radio again.  This is a real hurdle for me.  The 'Tower' at Gloucester is pretty busy for a tiddly airport and you have to be quite assertive to say anything.  It's quite a male domain - am yet to hear a female voice.  And of course, I don't fully understand what I'm saying yet so when they ask me a question I panic and plead with my instructor to answer for us.  Patheticly girly - one to work on.

And speaking of being girly, note to self for next time - do not wear low slung jeans for flying as there's lots of bending down to be done in pre-flight checks and the sight of someone's 'butt crack' (my son's term) on the apron is not nice for anyone, let alone some poor student pilot.

And's Bath's Party in the City and our choir (The Bath Chorus) is singing in the Abbey.  Lots of fun to be had afterwards, with bands and choirs and groups performing here, there and everywhere.  I can already feel my hangover coming on...

Happy Friday everyone!


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