Thursday, 2 June 2011

Don't do it!

Someone was telling me not to fly today.  This is how it went...

Last night I had a headache and slept badly.  When I got up at 7am, I thought to myself... am I fit to fly?  Yes, I decided, take a couple of pills and I'd be able to get by.

My two sons got up, full of phlegm.  Are they too ill for holiday club?  No, I decided, I've bloody paid for it. 

I bundled them into the car and turned the ignition.  Our old and tatty Renault vibrated like a Rampant Rabbit (sorry, mother) and an orange warning light came on.  I shall not be beaten, thought I.  One taxi ride later, and the boys were dropped off.  I limped the car to the Renault Garage and pleaded with them to take a look at it while I waited.  Ok, they said.  £121 and an hour later, I drove back home to collect my piloty gear.

It takes an hour to get to the airfield but I usually leave an hour and a half.  I'm a bit anal about time.  So I set off in my usual way, far too early.  Then suddenly, the M4 stopped.  It just stopped.  Ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes went by, without moving.  Another 5 minutes, I thought, and I'll phone the flying club to say I can't make it.  And then the phone I dare answer it?  Am I breaking the law if I'm stationary?  So I answer it, but crouch really low to fool any police watching (see how clever I am?).  It's the flying school.  The plane has broken down.  So the flight's off.

So now I've been stuck in this jam for 40 minutes.  Now here comes the bit where I'm incredibly stupid.  When I eventually pass the accident, I'm vaguely aware that traffic has built up on the other side of the carriageway too.  Does that stop me from getting off at the next junction and turning round?  Of course not!  So 5 minutes later, I'm facing the other way, stuck for another hour.  What an eejit I am.  I was busy cursing myself, hitting my head on the steering wheel and shouting things you really wouldn't like to hear when I passed the cause of the accident.  A lorry, completely overturned, cab smashed to bits, all sorts of other wreckage strewn over the carriageway.

Ah, thought I.  Perhaps it is my lucky day, after all.

And to doubly cheer me up, here's a pic of my cockpit.  Hooray!

Enjoy the lovely weather :-)


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