Friday, 3 June 2011


After yesterday's debacle, I flew today.  The sun was out, the air was clear, the views were magical.  Unfortunately, the high temperature, coupled with the fact that today I was practicing stalling the plane, meant that I sweated like a pig.  Honestly, it was so hot, and I was concentrating so hard, and I was, admittedly, perhaps the tiniest bit scared...when we landed I realised that I was sweating from parts of me that I didn't know could sweat.  It was that bad.

I loved it.  I loved, in essence, breaking the plane, and then mending it again.  To stall it, you slow it right down and point the nose up until you feel it wobble....and before you know it, your sinking like a stone.  Bugger, you might think.    But all you do is point the nose down and give it some welly - you're off again!  You've saved the day!  You're a hero!!

I'm going to say night night now as being a hero seven times in one hour is absolutely knackering.  I don't know how the likes of Spiderman ever did it. 

Night all :-)


PS Tomorrow I will tell you about Sylvia. 

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