Thursday, 19 May 2011


I was flying again today.  It was quite an anxious sortie because the air was pretty 'thermic' (bouncy) and I found it hard to control the plane.  And when, after an hour, I eventually landed, I was ravenous.  Is there a connection between stress/worry and your metabolism?  Here's what Mr Google reports...

In terms of the metabolism, adrenaline makes the fat cells more efficient at turning fat into energy. Adrenaline also increases the metabolism. Cortisol has the effect of increasing the amount of glucose in the blood and creating more energy.
How cool is that?  Flying makes you lose weight!  And possibly parachuting, gliding, riding rollercoasters, chasing criminals, and all sorts of other scary things too!

And guess what?  I used the radio!  "Golf Charlie Echo Hotel Lima requesting somethingorother...." Ha ha ha!  This must mean that I'm a proper pilot.  Although it was a bit like learning a foreign language - you can learn a phrase to say but haven't got a clue what they mean when they start spouting back at you.  Perhaps it will come...

And finally, saw this article in the mail.  It's a bit like I feel, so I wanted to share....

Enjoy the thermic weather! xxx

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