Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Domestic Stuff

I've been painting today.  Not landscapes - I'm as artistic as a lump of rock - but skirtings, door frames, doors...  Part of me thinks it's tedious beyond belief.  But another part of me quite likes it.  It gives me thinking time which I think we probably get little of these days (listen to me, I sound like my Granny), what with email, Facebook, TV and radio insidiously whispering "come dibble with me", and also the Flight Simulator saying "you need practice, lady" (although I grant that that might just be me).

So I sort of enjoyed it.  But I am not enjoying the thought of my dear husband's face as he comes through the door tonight and studies every drip that I've failed to clear up.  48 hours of sweaty effort will be ruined with his small tut and a shake of his head.

Flying tomorrow! It's been windy this week so I had to cancel my lesson on Monday.  And look what I bought!

S'marvellous.  I do like a nice hat.  Wishing you a windless, ash cloud-less few days....

Captain Becky x

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