Thursday, 28 April 2011

Street Party Cakes

Second post, and we're already onto cake.  I'm making Union Jack cakes for our street party tomorrow.  I'm not a great cake baker, but I'm happy to eat whatever mush I produce as I have such a sweet tooth. 

When I was seriously trying to lose weight, I had to concentrate hard not to eat too much sweet stuff.  However, top tip - meringues.  No fat - all sugar!  I'm not advocating eating a ton of them...but I used to allow myself a meringue at the end of the day as a treat.  It was absolute heaven with a cup of mint tea.

But I think on such a special occasion as a Royal Wedding (which I'm rapidly losing my British cynisism about and have bought bunting/flags to decorate the house and even {whispers} a red, white and blue hair clip for tomorrow's do) you should be allowed a cake or two.  Even if they do look like colourful mush.

Enjoy the preparations.... :-)

B xx

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