Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It's been a while...

Yes, it's been ages.  This happens every year.  July peeps around the corner and suddenly everything's in 5th gear.  Since I last wrote I've been flying at least twice more and, maybe even more excitingly, have been to Barcelona with the girls.  It's amazing how regular flying in a microlight really settles your nerves on a big commercial plane.  Any turbulence feels like undulating pillows...grinding noises are immediately recognisable as flaps or landing gear, turns are fun rather than fear-inducing.  So anyone who is afraid of flying...get yourself some microlight lessons!

I've been struggling a bit recently with my landings.  In fact, I've earned myself the nickname of 'Becky Balloon' - which means I bring the nose up a bit too early on landing and start lifting up again ('flaring').  However, today was much better.  Microlight Mike, my instructor, took me to a little strip at the foot of the Malverns and we did a couple of practice circuits and landings.  As the last one was my best so far, he let me zoom off up the Malverns ridge and do some really steep turns around a school party at the top.  God knows what they thought we were doing - but it was FUN!!!

Radio is coming along too.  I'm gradually gradually getting to the point where I don't feel absolutely petrified talking to Air Traffic Control (am constantly repeating the mantra in my head, "they are here to help me, they are here to help me..").  I like to posh it up a bit, proper pilot-stylee, although when I'm qualified I think I'll revert back to my Brummy accent and see what they make of that.  "Alroight Gloucester, am on final approuch, ready for a bosting landing."  I suspect there'll be a lot of "Say again, Golf Mike India, say again."

Til the next time...

Becky Balloon.

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